Opti-Therm is used for...

Do any of the above apply to your eyes?

We can help you! Opti-Therm is scientifically proven to alleviate these symptoms and aid in recovery post the above surgical and aesthetic procedures.

Eye issues or recovery post a procedure can be an uncomfortable, frustrating process. Improve your comfort and journey towards happy, healthy eyes.

For only a few minutes a day start taking better care of your eyes.


There are a number of other causes of irritation and inflammation in and around the eyes including but not limited to sinus related problems (sinusitis and nasal congestion) for which the heat therapy will also work well.


Dry Eye Syndrome

Do you suffer from dry eyes? It occurs when the eyes don't make enough tears, or the tears evaporate too quickly. This leads to the eyes drying out and may cause symptoms like redness, inflammation, irritation, grittiness, blurred vision, light sensitivity or a burning sensation.

Opti-Therm is scientifically proven to alleviate these symptoms! 

Pop the red bags into the mask, heat up the mask in the microwave in just 20 seconds! Place the mask over your eyes and enjoy the heat therapy. The mask heats to 42ºC, the exact temperature needed to melt the meibomian oil, thereby mobilising the oil layer. A great benefit of the mask - you can massage your eyelids through the mask, further aiding in getting the oil flowing.

The heat has a high humidity without causing wetness on the face. This is vital for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.

Dry eye disease, secondary to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), otherwise known as posterior blepharitis is a common and often under diagnosed and under treated condition.

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Dry red eyes can be treated with Opti-Therm


A stye or (Hordeolum) is a common, painful, inflammation of the eyelid margin that is usually caused by a bacterial infection. The infection affects the oil glands within the eyelid and can be internal or external.

Opti-Therm is scientifically proven to alleviate these symptoms!

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This occurs when the margins of the eyelids become inflamed and irritated.

Opti-Therm is scientifically proven to alleviate these symptoms!

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Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is when your oil glands have gone on strike! These glands secrete the lipid (oily) layer of your tear film which is crucial in preventing the evaporation of the tears. Failure of these glands to produce or secrete oil due to chronic blockage or thickening of the meibum oil, will affect the quality and stability of the tear film which in turn will produce classic dry eye symptoms. Promoting good Meibomian gland health is often the number one task in the chronic dry eye patient.

MGD is quite common and often goes undiagnosed. Even when diagnosed it is often not treated effectively until it becomes chronic or severe.

Opti-Therm is scientifically proven to alleviate MGD!

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Laser Vision Correction

Opti-Therm improves the tear film in patients before undergoing laser procedures. The tear film can be improved with a combination of Opti-Therm heat compression, oral omega-3 supplementation and/or lubricating drops.

A refractive surgeon, targeting a perfect visual outcome, relies heavily on a normal tear film. An inadequate tear film, largely due to dysfunctional oil glands results in a poorly lubricated surface of the eye, which induces inflammation, discomfort, feelings of grit or sand in the eyes, red eyes, and importantly blurred vision.

Doctors are now commonly treating MGD prior to refractive procedures including LASEK and PRK (Laser vision correction procedures), as a large percentage of people have an unstable tear film secondary to this. After the procedure Opti-Therm is once again essential on the other end of the temperature spectrum with regards the cooling function to decrease inflammation and discomfort. 

Cold therapy is recommended for patients having LASEK/PRK and CXL surgery after the surgery for the cooling function to decrease inflammation and discomfort. These patients can bring the masks in on the day of surgery with their cryogel (blue) cold inserts. These can be put into the freezer at the clinic and given to patients as immediate post-op relief. They can be re-used at home as often as needed in the first 3-4 days post LASEK/PRK/CXL.

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Opti-Therm is a great supplementation to ocular allergy treatment. Cold therapy works exceptionally well here providing instant relief from itchy eyes.

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Oculo Plastic Surgery

Opti-therm can be used to treat discomfort after Botox injections etc

Any surgery around the eyes and on the face will cause some amount of post operative swelling, bruising and discomfort.

For this,the Opti-Therm cold therapy is ideal.

The following procedures will be ideal for the use of Opti-Therm:

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Aesthetic Procedures

Opti-therm can be used to treat discomfort after eye surgery etc

Preserving longevity for both men and women has become an intrinsic part of growing older.

In achieving this goal many people turn to the following procedures for which Opti-Therm (cold packs) can provide post procedure relief and keep any swelling and potential bruising to a minimum:

The cold inserts can even be used for any of these procedures on and around the mouth. Just keep the insert out of the mask and apply the cold pack directly to the treated area.

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